The Karate Kid Part II (1986) (Show Notes)

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The Karate Kid Part II (1986)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Hey, before we get started I think I need to read this bit of trivia for context:  The Karate Kid Part II – The follow up to the  highly successful 1984 Martial Arts/ coming of age film  starring Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio was originally slated to be  titled “The Karate Kick” but later renamed to the more familiar title The Karate Kid: Part II  due to concerns over confusing it’s fans base with another lesser known series of Teenager / Martial Arts films starring Scott Baio. This naming decision was such a good idea that it would later influence other movies slated to come out that year including Back to the Future: Part II which was originally titled Come with Me: Your Kids Are Assholes. and that’s it folks…don’t believe everything you read on the internet or hear on a podcast. For Pete’s Sake… would someone cue the oriental flute music already. I’d even settle for some  Peter Cetera…

Twitter:  The Karate Kid Part II – Just like rules. Sometimes number 2 just points back to number 1. you know in case you forgot.

 Like catching flies with a couple of food sticks. Wrong tool for the job. The danger of rule number 2 is that it sometimes it can be a lesson.


Stuff I Loved:

Hey, before we get started I think I need to read this bit of trivia for context of my intro:  The Karate Kid Part II – The follow up to the  highly successful 1984 Martial Arts coming of age film  starring Pat Morita and Ralph Machio was originally slated to be  titled “The Karate Kick” but later renamed to the more familiar title The Karate Kid: Part II  due to concerns over confusing it’s fans base with another lesser known series of Martial Arts films starring Scott Bao. This decision would later influence other movies slated to come out that year including Back to the Future: Part II which was originally titled Come with Me: Your Kids Are Assholes. God you people will believe anything posted on the internet. Some one cue the oriental flute music already.

Flute music. Music of the wind. One with the nature.

Nothing, eating flys.

aaaand…Crane Kick…

Kicked a bird to the neck

If do right….can no defense….soooo….does that mean Danielson no do right?

Trope: Surrogate Father.

Me. Miyagi is sleeping…so I’m just gonna pilfer.

What  is wrong with you Johnny!

BTW if you missed Part 1 of the Karate Kid? no worries…you got the intro during part 2

Hey Johnny you are cream puff!

Sweep the leg?

No Mercy…that was the theme from the first one.

Remember the feeling you had during the first one…

and…Miyagi gives the go ahead for the crane kick to the face.

That guys just doesn’t know what Karate is about.

2nd place is no place.

Bad Karate Teacher puts up his dukes.

Honk scene.

How persistent is that fly and how stinky is that soup.

Typical part 2 love tear down. Have to destroy the first love story to make room for new love story.

Danielson is the most negative student since Luke.

If Luke got to complete his training with Yoda…that is what this movie is.

Miyagi and child labor laws.

Refugee from Fresno. 🙂

oh a Mr. Mee – Ahh- Gee postal worker.

That is one noisy deck Mr. Miyagi has.

A lot of mustaches in this movie. Like the shirt of the beard.

Parental Marriage Arrangements.

Mr. Miyagi always has 1 pen and 1 pencil in his pocket. What is the significance?

Oh c’mon. You guys are thick as thieves…what kind of sequel is this going to be if you separate the teacher and the student before his training is done.

That stewardess has a lot of teeth.

Savings is for College Education.

Mr Miyagi is more important than college.

Stewardess is a pill and can’t believe Danielson has a real job.

Tome Village no here!

Trying to get some damn sleep around Danielson is impossible…so many damn questions. SHUT THE HELL UP!

Play one more note on that flute…I dare you.

Danielsons on a plane.

Never been attacked by tree…Mr.  Miyagi only fights for life.

Danielson is so green.

Handshake of intimidation.  Can you feel that grip! Can you !

Ahhh…the first clue…radio was on Rock and Roll…we turn to classic music for you old man.

Uh oh…Sato is kind of gravely. He is not the buddy he was portrayed.

You see your father…then you see meeeee…gravel gravel.

Some really good shots in this movie.

The pacing is very relaxed.

Danielson…or as I like to call him…Kid with questions.

Where you going buddy! Corporal clueless. Your standing in it!

Hey…it’s a girl your age Danielson…she will be something to fight for I am sure.

Dying dad!

She never married. She love him.

If I am dreaming…never wake up…if I am awake never sleep.  So poetic.

Miyagi is in Dojo….no wait! I meant crapper! Don’t go in there he is taking a huge shit! Damn my English.

400 years worth of old dead men pictures.

The danger of rule number 2 is that it sometimes it can be a lesson.


Fight fight fight!

Uh oh…he is hissing

Look at them guns on nephew.

Hold hands damn it! Now kiss and make up.

aaaand I’m done.

Trope: Timeline of fight. You get 3 days.

Danielson revelation. I’M IN THE ROOM WITH A DEAD GUY!

Sir!!! The locals are on the move! They have sent little paper fire boats towards the base! should we retaliate?

Miyagi sure likes his wife beaters.

Danielson…shut up…don’t share your dead dad stories.

Pat Morita can cry on demand.  Big Ole Watery Bug Eyes.

Alright, nuff of that downer shit..let’s get to training.

Why are empty nets attached to big rusty hooks…and even if that is the case…why hook them up where they can swing down and impale stupid people.

Drum technique.

Karate is pretty much…pick a thing…incorporate it into all of your techniques. Then test it against other techniques. Those who survive can teach it.

Weights made out of soap! Danielson is always angering the bad guy by exposing them for fools.

Aww…she waited.

Would you please stop doing that drum! We are trying to sleep danielson.

That looks nothing like what I was doing. That is way more complicated than pivoting back and forth.

Danielson gets his trash kicked again.

Ohh,,,you got my shirt dirty…that is ok…I been looking for a reason to take my shirt off anyways.

Heading into town!

Danielson getting him some Asian Tang.

Danielson is a real jerk…he won’t shut up.

Time to make a bet. Who would take that bet.

Where did they get all those ice plates? What do they do with the ice afterwards?

Money Money Money!

Don’t take it out on the tomatoes!

Sato so angry

Sato might want to get that blister on his hand checked out.

ahh…50s Americana theme party in the orient.

I wonder if the Asian Market thinks we are weird cause we are into Furries…is that even a thing in Asia anymore?

Another Danielson beat down.

Uses the nut cracker technique.

Love dinner.

It would be hard to sleep with Sato randomly showing up with his gravely voice and yelling your name looking for a fight.

All this convenient broken English.

What was the message? “We are going to free your plants!”

Old man vs Young Gang fight. Always feels good.

Oh c’mon. Don’t bulldoze the village…not because it is evil. but because it is so trope.

Gonna be a fight at midnight. Updated fight timeline! You can’t run from the fight.

What is in that Soup she is making you? She has very skilled hands..ooooh.

Ahhh…culture. We ain’t got none.

3 turns of the bowl. No diarrhea

Uhhh. Danielson…I think you were suppose to save some of that for her.

Uh oh…out come the hair chop sticks! I wonder if those ever get confused with the eating kind.

Big storm! Cause…candle blew out.

Why did they send little Cindy Woo up on the tower to ring the bell.

Miyagi…you gonna close the door and leave the poor kids to fend for themselves.

That is one big baby.

Sato…the richest man in the village lives in a 2 room hut. I thought he lived in a mansion.

Chozen must have built that hut.

Richest man in village is richest cause he used lowest bid contractor for building his hut. How did that work out for you?

Maybe if these guys spent a little less time practicing Kar-ra-tae and a little more time on construction maybe they wouldn’t have to go hide in a hole during a pretty tame storm.

The bell ringer sure is a screamer.

Geez. These people are so dramatic. I am dead to you. You have disgraced me. You have killed my honor. Blah blah blah.

You keep the deed to village in a fancy box?

How come that bird squawks every time Sato bows.


haha…pretty sure they are doing the equivalent of the Asian Square Dance. Bare feet boogie.

It’s the village drunk…for no reason.

Chozen comes flying in via lamp lines.

I got my Mortal Kombat garb on.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to fight to death with fists.

Obviously Crane Kick CAN be defensed against.

Stop it with those damn drums.

She is going to have a black eye.

ooooohh…Danielson had been doing the drums wrong with 1 hand…needs firestarter hands.

Well that was a quick end. aaaand it’s over.



Cyborg (1989) (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes. Listen Now

Cyborg (1989)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Hey, 

Twitter:  Cyborg  Like 

Stuff I Loved:

Oh! A cannon film. That means quality.

Collapse, Anarchy, Genocide, Starvation…We got the plague…the living death.

In the Future!

I like the dead. I like the misery.

Intro by Macho Man Savage.

Come on pearl. We gotta go to town and find a slinger!

Girls Girls Girls.

Slo Mo. Hey! is that Brian the Boz Bosworth?

Look at all dem abs.

Future must have plenty of time to work on costumes.

I wanna own the cure! I’d be a God!

I like this world!

Go to hell.

Been there…pshhh…

Ethnic guy with blue eyes!!! nooooooo!

Human Knife Napkin. Come here!! Swipe…swipe…

hehe…Music by guy with Bass in his last name.

Wire basket as steps is fail.

Here…let me slit your throat with your own knife.

Ninja vs Pirates! The classic struggle.

That violin/Casio note is the same one they ones in TriStar intro.

Trope: A Group Of Doctors. The last ones. A group of smart guys…the last ones.

That gun is futuristic in sound but arcane in looks.

Poor slinger down.

Cyborg is awesome! stop motion.

If you don’t…I’ll give you the horror show.

They gave that one guy all the best lines.

You think you gonna swim all the way to Atlanta! Asshole.

Noooo…not the cake topper!

A Skin Job To Take To Atlanta!

Nice fire…I have no emotions…there is the TriStar music again.

In the future…ain’t no time to do nothing but sharpen your knife and work on your uniform.

“Pirates that killed my paw”….love how she slowed that part down to sound all hickish.

“You tha only pirate to answer my ad in the paper… for the pay…which is 3 cans of beans and a blowjob. not in that order.”

Either that is a wand or tetanus on a stick.

Dem lips. Curled almost back up on themselves. Truest duck lips I ever done seen.  Zero effort.

Trope: You don’t care? What kind of jerk hero are you. Accidental hero!

Grapes! and Tupperware! I’ll kill ya!

Grody plague people

Ball enforcer. Judge, Jury and Enforcer.

haha…he just ducked out on her with no instructions…which I guess beats….”Wait Here…” and then they never do anyway.

Breaking necks is how you resolve problems in movies on the down low.

Come out and play! with my chain.


Gas masks have an intimidation factor of 12.

How practical is a switchblade boot?

Fishnet Stocking Gang.

Nice groin grab. I mean she grabbed the whole junk.

haha…one of the best ground level views of a dummy falling from a building.

The graffiti artists in this movie suck.

Trope: Woman on adventures have no modesty when it comes to taking a bath in a body of water.

Walking Wound.

Chicks dig scars.

Trope: Hero with morals when it comes to young ladies. Lean in for a kiss…nope…cover up. I love another…she is dead…it is my fault. I’ll never have sex again’

Boy they weren’t kidding. They butchered the hell of out Pearl.

That extending Cyborg eye was cool.

Man. This movie is nothing but FlashBacks. It’s like the Memento of scifi movies.

He did not get here to NY and Back safely.

This music can not decide where it wants to go.

Take ’em out? To where/ like Ruby Tuesdays? or like…murder…cause  I ain’t seen a Ruby Tuesdays since before the plagu

Wait here!

She dropped the F-Bomb.

Corners in industrial places are dangerous. Always bad guys standing around silently.

Crazy knife running guy. It’s like Knife Joust.

Gotta make use of those leg splits when you got Van Damme


Ducktales…ohh ooh.

stop…turn…increase music tempo…eye brow stare….gonna have to kill a few lackies on your way.

Bad guy didn’t even break a sweat.

He has to face his greatest failure.

Not enough hair crimpers in modern society.

I am assuming they dubbed the main bad guy.

Trope: Big Guy, the dude what is so massive there is no way our hero will be able to beat him. Tank.

I am cyborg…here we whir. Whir….beep…

You are not strong enough to get me to Atlanta.

fender is too strong.

It’s real hard to take Van Damme serious when he has a lady’s dirty white pants butt next to his head.

Stop…look at dead comrades… go go go.

Van Damme…that is not how you carry dead weight.

All the baddies like the yell a lot.

Stick! I can’t use a stick in the sewer!

Oh wait…the next guy is smart enough to turn the stick vertically.

Fights are always cooler when there is falling water involved.

Are those cranberries in the water…

Aww…not gonna lie…a little disappointed when the big guy took it to the head. Not disappointed that it was delivered from Van Dammes crotch split.

Now they are the gopher gang…they just keep popping up.

Wild child

So much prep work into making specialized weapons for effect. Guess there ain’t a lot to do in plague riddled future.

Nub smack!

Nothing better than pick up someone to kick the back down.

Release the birds! bird.

When did he have time to reload his switch blade boot.

Sure we could kill him…but let’s wait.

You sure is some ugly folks.

Stand him up…so I can knock him back down.

Fool…can’t you see the size of my chain-male shoulder pads. You can’t beat me…I dedazzled this shit myself.

Blood and sand.

Look into my ethnically confusing eyes.


A much younger light eye colored ethnic guy.

I’m gonna boot myself right off this crucifix!

What is in the bottom of that well?  I mean they are falling pretty slowly…plus we know Van Damme get’s out…unless he is dead!

So what happened in the well?  Did he break his fall with the baby and his girlfriends body.

Alright, broke the crucifix…but I’m still attached to it…now wha….ahhhhh…

What’s waiting in Atlanta.


Obviously later that day…cause his crucifix wound have already healed.

Damnit. You could have skewered him. But no…you got to do the honor thing. Fool.

I don’t even need arrows…I got a knives.

“I kill slingers….” Yeah…I was pretty sure you weren’t on my team anyways.

I’m on fire fight!

What? I always stand like this? Flexing. We gonna fight…or are we gonna stand here and flex.

That’s right…It’s the future and I am about to slam your face in the car door. Over and over again. one more time.

mmmm…unwanted kisses.

Did they finally kill Nady.

Yell fight!

That car is kicking everybody’s ass.

Forearm stab!

“I call this the OPEN HEART SURGERY! stab!”

Trope: He’s dead. Nope. Just resting his eyes.

Much use of the potato sack punch sound in this movie. Dead fish on a cutting board slap? Rib meat

Nady…hehe…Nady… she stays knocked out for most of this movie. Even if she didn’t get slashed she probably would have died from brain damage.

Sorry, I lost my shirt.

It’s strange…because now I am a robot…and he is the real cure for this world. Aka…action and not a group of scientist in a lab.




Surf Nazis Must Die (1987) (Show Notes)

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Surf Nazis Must Die  (1987)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Hey, What happens when  a group of surfer boys with limited knowledge of history form a gang in disaster ridden Californi-a. Long story short. I’m pretty sure they ate Leroy! Martin Lawrence is gonna be so mad… know…cause Big Mama in that one movie. Geez…you guys ain’t got not culture.

Twitter:  Surf Nazis Must Die  Like bringing a bag of sand to your neo-nazi meeting when you probably have all the sand you need in your shorts. cause you live at the beach. Bum!

Stuff I Loved:

Gotta love a VHS rip to Netflix.

Oh yay…Troma

Goofy Footers


Poor ole Big MaMa’s House…done sorta burnt down…or something. Looks like failed construction.

Board Wax!

This is not a test. This is an emergency

Why are punks announcing LA news. This was after the Punk Revolution in the US

I am nurse Withers.

You must be Elenor! Is you deaf?

God how I hate found art.

Poor unfortunate art rhymes with fart.

Getting a Clockwork Orange vibe

Gangs are on the rise!!

This may be some of the longest montage/intro credits I have seen in a movie.

Poor man’s Eric Stoltz

I got drill bits! I’m so happy!

The punk youth of today are scaring the old people…and they totally don’t recall world war II except to glorify Nazis. Counter Culture.

I have a giant hook hand…it is my obsession.

I can’t say Nazi anymore without sounding like Brad Pitt in Inglorious Bastards

Look here hard hat chief.

There is no gambling…because it isn’t nice.

This old lady is not that old.

Me? Just chainsawing down a tree

Probably one of them beach gangs.

I am the furor of the new beach.

Look here butcher jacket hook man.

Blonde boy plays blonde boy.

Anarchy Nazi Gang Surf.

What is this all about Krout…hehe…actually made me laugh.

Visual Aide. We have a bag of sand.

Nazi battleships?

Asian Gangs!

All of these movies seem like Lord Of The Flies.

Switchboard does not sound as cool as you think!

What the crap…that lady is strolling the beach with a half a watermelon.

Burn books sure…but not the dang Jam Box!

Biker money count.

Meanwhile, back at the local biker beach bar

Tits out Wheels.  Gimmie your envelope of cash.

Cutting pretty titties…that not nice.

More Franklins by Monday, Wheels.

No…nobody wants to slam dance Mengele.

Know what we need? More slow mo surf scenes.

Beach Saxophone butt biting sex during surf nazi samuri battle peeping blonde perv. Too much stimuli.

Sometimes sex on the beach sounds like a someone trying to play the saxophone while having a bad case of diarrhea.

Something about mustaches that don’t work at the beach. I mean…Sure…Tom Selleck pulled it off that one time in that show…but that was Hawaii.

Adolph and Leroy meet on a beach and Yo Momma jokes ensue.

Booo…they killed Leroy.

Who the crap is the white man who fell down a chimney?

I’m assuming they are grilling something nasty on the beach. So nasty even Scott Baio wouldn’t eat it. But Keifer Sutherland would.

They said the N word.

Alright….are we suppose to thinking that they are eating Leroy? Cause we just saw his mom go identify his body.

Kind of a cool shot with the silhoutte long shot.

A little pop psychology and common knowledge history.

Gnarliest Gang around

Ok…Smeg… Teenagers!

I like the pipeliners.

Hitler was an economics major and not a history major. Obviously

N word again!! and right in front of mom!

Haha…love Big Momma slamming Smeg the wall. You heard her feet shuffling as soon as the N word left his mouth.

Casting went as far as to get an actor with a gap tooth like Mengele

Rock/Metal Surf Band Shred music is pretty good.

mmmmm…do you smell something  honey? It smells like…OUR SURFBOARDS!!  NOOOOO!

These guys are like Nazi Larpers. They are totally buying into the accents and all.

I don’t think those actors expected all the  waves under that pier. They had trouble getting Larry out of there.

Larry is a goober.

There is no room for Jesus on the beach. brother. I think I saw that on a t-shirt once.

Ahh…the laughing arsonist.

The ultimate mama is here to put the kids in place. Gang mama. The only woman who can put punk ass kids in their place.

We got all your tobacco needs.

A ladies gun!

Head off a honky at 20 paces.

gernades? I’m listening…that will take off a whole gang of honky heads.

Dear Adolph…Smegg

Mom’s will save the day,

These surfers think they are ninja’s…but they ain’t nearly as ninja as surf nazi  hook who hides in barrels. Or whatver hook does in a barrel.

I’m going to do a surf cartwheel and knock that knife right out of your hand…what the hell! that actually worked.

Worst hiding spot ever for an acid bather.

These guys must be the no peripheral vision gang.

You are useless to me now Brutus. Sooo…ergo…harpoon  nipple pierce

Nooo…not Menegler

Big Mama is all like…I ain’t dead yet!

Nothing to lose

The gun dodge dance! Works everytime.

Take my motorcycle! I’ll take your shark van.

Come on sucker. Let’s go kill some surfers.

Hitler’s girlfriend took it to the neck with a boat.

That hitler is a pretty good shot with the knife.

Misses Leroy’s Mom is a pretty good shot as well.

Time to smoke my swisher sweats

Taste some of Mama’s cooking Adolph.







Total Recall (1990) (Show Notes)

[usr 5.0] *WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes. Listen Now

Total Recall (1990)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Hey, welcome to Mars the red planet, where we are constantly trying to get the outside on the inside by living in domes made of glass and equipping our peace officers with projectile weapons and virtually no common sense. Do you wanna die?  Also, try not to look directly at Dean Norris…AKA Hank from Breaking Bad…AKA the guy with the unfortunate facial mutation shaped like a vagina, he don’t like it. Stress ball? That’s what you will look like if you go outside.

Twitter:    Total Recall (1990) Like a film adaptation of a Philip K Dick story not directed by Stephen Spielberg.  That’s all…just a jab at Minority Report.

Stuff I Loved:

All swartz movies start with boom boom boom industrial boom music

Aren’t these the opening credits to Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Ronny Cox!

Music Jerry Goldsmith.

This  is like a Filmsack All Star Cast

It’s all red! we must be on Mars.

02 and 08 Mount Olympus

Man Swartz has some noisy nasal cavities.

It’s a space love story…nope…it’s a accidental fall and break your pressurized mask and your face becomes one of those stress ball things.

Uh oh. You been dreaming about Brunettes when you are married to a blonde.

I can’t believe he would think telling his blonde wife (roots) about his brunette girl dreams is a good idea.

Man…Swartz was looking his best here…buff but not too buff.

Mmmm…hand blended protein breakfast. Add some nuts.

The future news shows people getting killed.

A wall of screens seems plausible today…but back in 1990 it was the future!

Let’s move to mars…and make little martians.

“What is this? The wilderness channel…fuck that…let’s switch back to News of the future.”

I don’t care about your sex…I want to watch the news! I think this protein shake is killing my sex drive.

Have you found Kuato?

Tokyo World Series.

Khaki, pink…cause future.

You have been casually x-ray’d

I do not want a vacation at the bottom of the ocean.

Recall memories for the vacation you never took.

For the memory of a lifetime…recall, recall…recall.

Hey, what do you do all day? I jack hammer a hole all day….that is a lot of jack hammers. Is this the future….

Apparently jackhammering is good for the arms…

I type with one finger!

Nope…these nails need changing!

Doug Quaid.

$899 credits.

Mt. Pyramid.

Foreshadowing recall agent. Crooked cabbies.

No matter where you go…there you are.

I need the Ego Trip.

Another mention of alien artifacts.

Geez…does that neck needle have to be so aggressive

He likes his women sleezy.

Swartz falls asleep…this is where in a Philip K Dick story that you are unsure what is real and what is a dream.

“Use your head you dumb bitch.. ” can you call y our nurse that?

Cars of the future are boxy and stupid looking.

Johnny Cab. I want to ride in a Johnny Cab.

‘What is going on here blargle…from swartz.”

A lot of neck breaking in this fight. Good jorb.

My wife will believe me!

Why do I have to like athletic women.

All my wife, friends and stuff. My PS4? implanted memory? booo.

Clever Girl…my favorite 2 word phrase in Jurassic Park.

Where do I keep this big ass person tracker? I mean it is huge…I’m pretty sure it is not concealable.

X-Ray wall! We got a gun! Cool sciency shot.

Everybody was grunge in this movie

There are some mighty big squibs in this movie

Escalator of death.

One of my favorite ways a chase ends. The hero gets away because he is fleeing for his life and is willing to take the leap where the bad guy is just doing his job. He ain’t gonna take that kind of risk.

The equivalent of you are breaking up. Sunspots.

Second Level….Galleria.

Trope. Helpful guy on the phone. Trust me…what choice do you have?

Hey, is that Bad Dojo?

Why won’t anyone tell me what I was doing on Mars?

The problem with spy business…leaving a brief case in a bad part of town.

Sony Triniton.

Typical Siri (JohnnyCab) behavior. or…the problem with voice commands to a limited system.

Driving with a joystick.

Johnnycab is malfunctioning. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

Rats that sound like chipmunks.

Mars money looks like monopoly money.

What is is this thing?…spy stuff….oh you will see….

Would love a hologram watch.

Howdy stranger….howdy is a funny word.

Towel head.

Picked up an explosion at the old cement thingy…

Mmmm…spy food…I planned well.

Vertical screens even before smart phones. This movie really could see the future.

Rotor Rooter for your head.

Does a head tracker really need to be that big…How could he even breathe through his nose….that thing had to cover up most of his sinuses.

Rats love candy bars…nom nom nom.

Plot device…give your tracker to  a rat or bird…or something that will lead your followers on a goose chase.

No smoking in the colony. No touching the domes or seals.

What a handsome lady.

2 weeks.

Kuato Lives! Martians thinks he is George Washington.

2 weeks…glarbgle. 2 weeks garble.

Talk about making a scene.

That young lady thinks it’s funny to see the lady….

Who is the two weeks lady? What is she doing  now.

That effect is still amazing…the lady to Quaid scene is amazing.

Well great…you shot the dome wall…which apparently is nothing more than a thin pane of glass that can easily be pierced with a standard issue bullet. Why do they have those guns in there if that is what will happen.

The price of air conversations.

Taxation without representation.

You are in such trouble.

Everything is so red on mars

I don’t give you enough information to think. I like that philosophy.

The many facial emotions of the guy from Star Ship Troopers.

I’ve got magazines…music…and if that don’t work…whiskey! ride in my cab!

Thumb identification technology…man…

Woot…I left myself a map to sex! Man I really loved myself.

Welcome to Mars man…where we are always trying to get the outside inside by blowing stuff up.

Damn…the man don’t even know if he has been on Mars or not…who is the cab driver even talking to.


All psychics are freaks.

Take your 5 kids to the dentist!

A bartender who is all like…what do you want? how about some booze ya worst bartender ever.

Hey vagina face. Can I flick that?

Dean Norris aka Hank from Breaking Bad aka “unfortunate face mutation shaped like a vagina axe wound.”

3 boobies!

Schwartz grunts when he gets his balls grabbed.

These skanks are skanks cause they can’t dance for shit.

The Littlest Skank

The girls always turn on Swartz.

Character Trope: The mousy gov’t/company man.

Schizoid Embolism …not a real thing

Do not take pills…real or otherwise….do not take the pills! especially a red pill

Finally, the fight we all wanted…blonde vs brunette.

That 3 tittied lady has one gimmick…flashing her 3 tits.

Kill them all!

Little lady with a big knife.

Stop fighting and pull out…Let me dramatically turn towards the video phone…why no…I’m not pulling my pud.

Running with flashlights is always a cool thing to see.

I think vagina face/forehead has an attitude like Hanks brother-in-law

How do you keep the bad side of your face moisturized? You never blink psych.

Apparently it is painful or at least orgasmic to show Kuato.

grody belly oracle.

Open your mind! Open your miiiiind,

Alien technology is half a million years old.

3 fingered aliens.

Hey…while you guys were “opening your minds” the place is coming down around you.

Man I never realized how much the matrix took from this movie.

What’s nastier than Kuato? Dead Kuato.

Everybody is in on it…Like Wizard of Oz.

You are your own ObiWan Kinobi

How many techs does it take to haul Schwartz kicking and screaming…all of them!!

If you are going to go into the clean area strong arm guys…you need to wear these stupid over coats.

Sit still stop fighting…just makes it hurt…

Best weapon ever…rod from arm rest

that one tech looks like a young doc brown.

Oh to the belly…what if that guy had his own Kuato…you just killed it.

Not the fish!! They can’t breathe now….oooooh…like the people in sector G…cut scene!

The reactor makes air…moron….and yes…it was made by aliens.

Bad teeth cabbie is scary when he laughs.

Don’t trust a character with bad teeth.

Getting drilled would hurt.

Hologram or not…just shoot already…

You got to watch crossfire…even if it isn’t a hologram you are not likely to land all of your bullets in your target.

You are coming with me! nope.

Eat this elevator.

What party? ohh…cause they are like suppose to go to an after party but he isn’t going.

Rich guys love going home to eat cornflakes after a hard day of being bad.

Rich guy wants to win at all costs…even willing to blow himself up.

I got the giggly pops!

Green alien power!

Man…even if you survived getting depressurized…what kind of damage would you have…

Here comes the oxygen!

I know this is not how re pressurization works…but it sure looks cool.

Here comes the sun!

Do you have any idea how long it has been since the bartender’s chest hair has blown in the breeze…well…it’s been a while.