The Warriors

The Warriors (1979) –

They should have called themselves the train gang. Cause they sure are on the train a lot. Why can’t you be more like the wheels on the bus gang. They are independent. They don’t need public transportation at all. Wheels on the bus go round and round.

Do you got the stuff? You mean…the spray paint? yes yes…ran down to skycity and got the Stuff…idiot


The Warriors: The musical gang movie that forgot to be a musical. “Why don’t you dickheads just walk all the way home?”


The Warriors (1979)

Directed by Walter Hill. With Michael Beck, James Remar, Dorsey Wright, Brian Tyler. In the near future, a charismatic leader summons the street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, The Warriors are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while every other gang is hunting them down.

The Warriors (film) – Wikipedia

The Warriors is a 1979 American action thriller film directed by Walter Hill and based on Sol Yurick’s 1965 novel of the same name. This novel was, in turn, based on Xenophon’s . The story centres on a New York City gang who must return to their home turf after they are framed for the murder of a respected gang leader.


Stuff I Loved:

Every gang in the city is going to be there.

Us “The Cheorkees” The pimps, The mimes, The ROTC, the Asians…something with black shirts,. The bowlers, The wife beaters, The Fonzes  

Love the gang that has to make their own Thrift Store shirts. Black hand.

Do you got the stuff? You mean…the spray paint? yes…I have the Spray paint.


“Can You Dig It?”

He’s talking about a super gang!

Alright…who brought a gun to the gang party. I mean…come on!

Running against the crowd? is that a good idea?

The circle of elbows. The elbow beat down.

The warriors know how to sweat!

A gang that pays tolls together…stays together.

Don’t use “The stuff” on a gravestone!

This guy is badass. Love the sparkling kimono

Who are the warriors?

The leader of the karate gangs (gramacy rifts)…likes to big talk…literally…he makes with the face talking big mouth.

We decided to go with overalls and Big Stripe Shirts

The wheels on the bus gang. They found a bus. They repaired a bus. They painted it. You do not mess with The Wheels On the Bus gang.

Do not celebrate everytime you make a close getaway by taunting your chasers.

30 is more than 8…unless the Little Orphan Annie gang is wimps.

Minors…going to majors.

I carry a newspaper clipping to prove how bad I am.

Some ladies just want to watch the world burn.

“Why don’t you dickheads just walk all the way home?” That the best you got?

Pull a train on you.

This is suppose to be a future dystopia world? I thought this was a modern day tale of gangs. If this is the future…where are the flying cars?

Star Wars wipe!!

They should have called themselves the train gang. Cause they sure are on the train a lot. Why can’t you be more like the wheels on the bus gang. They are independent. They don’t need public transportation.

Hey..I get it…the cops are like the big gang.

Or how about…We have to run a lot gang.

Oh man…cops throwing gang members onto the 3rd rail. Live by the train…die by the train.

The Baseball clown (Kiss) gang? Yeah..they are crazy. Rounding 3rd…it’s the Baseball Kiss Gang.

I haven’t seen this much running in a movie since Chariots of fire. Forrest Gump.

No wonder these gang members are in such good shape…they run a hell of a lot.

Say what you want to about the violence in this movie….but honestly…45 minutes in…and I only saw 1 gun. A whole gang shared it to shoot one dude.

Bat like sword play….haha…Batman gang…I get it.

Proving once again…bats make a horrible gang weapon. They look cool…

Wait…A warrior just threw a bat at the cops legs…shins…broken….alright….throwing bats is kinda cool

Frizzy hair gang

The girls are packing!!

The Come On Eileen gang

I think I’m being followed by a band member on roller skates…by the way…worst way to follow someone secretly…on roller skates.

Hey Smokey The Bear!

Cops got Ajax…Don’t know about swan.

She she start her own gang. No Bra.

You don’t think I know I am being followed by some guy on skates

Pinball in the subway. Sweet.

Where you wanna fight? The men’s room? Hell yeah. It’s where the men are.

You reckon they are all hiding in that one stall?

Stall surprise! Been wanting to use that maneuver since…well…forever!

Advice…if your fellow gang member is getting beat up…don’t sit on the floor and watch.

It’s the warrior way.

The Prom Date Gang!

The Wonder Wheel gang. We kind of just hang around the wonder wheel.

Gangs are terrible tails.

Your car is making a funny noise…nope…it’s ‘what’s his face’ clicking beer bottle fingers.

These guys have been up all night. It’s not a good time to fight…get a good nights sleep and eat a sensible breakfast. No wait…that’s the SATs Fight!!

Warriors…come out and plaaaay-a-a (Got that stuck in my head…thanks.)

That is one nasty mark on the leaders face. It gonna get infected.

This is the ultimate…some guys just want to watch the world burn movie.

Alright,  How did 50 dudes in black shirts and shades make it all the way across town without the cops noticing.

Not a single rumble. Just little skirmishes. I was promised a huge gang battle royale. What do I get…a men’s room fight.

Hey silky radio lady lady…your mouth closeups are scaring me.

Who can argue with a freaking closing scene of the warriors on the beach played off by Joe Walsh

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